10 Activities to do at Home This Summer

Summer is officially here, and during the very hot days we tend to stay at home, but we need to keep active. Keeping ourselves occupied during the hot days can be a challenge. Not to mention, trying to keep healthy and moving as much as we can. And let’s not forget to exercise our brain as well!

We thought we might put together a few types of fun activities you can try on your own, with your family, or with your Support Worker.

Below are our top 10 things to do at home during these hot summer days!

1. Stretching exercises or learn yoga

Stretching exercises like what you find in yoga practice has so many great benefits for us. It increases your flexibility and your range of motion. It can also improve your performance in physical activities, improves your posture which in turn will prevent back pain. It increases blood flow to your muscles which is a great stress relief and calms the mind.

2. Write a story

Better yet, write YOUR story.  Take some time every day to reminisce about your life.  Write it down.  You never know what you might come up with, or what wrestles of the past you might resolve in spending some time reflecting on YOU.

3. Learn basic first aid

This could save a life! Especially if you could help someone that might be suddenly having a heart attack or a stroke. Timing is everything. It will also increase your confidence knowing that you would know what to do should a situation like this every occur.

4. Learn to play an instrument (like ukulele, or the recorder)

You’ll be smarter. One of the best reasons to learn to play music is to increase your cognitive ability. You could also make new friends, improve your patience and your memory, and it will improve your creativity also.

5. Download Snap Movie and create mini movies

Fancy becoming the next Steven Spielberg?  This kind of activity is great to practice your soft skills like communication, creativity, and teamwork.  It could also be a very social activity by getting your friends and family involved, maybe even your pets?

6. Create playlists for different activities and moods

It could be fun to be a DJ for a while and create some playlists for certain occasions and moods.  Music for bedtime is often a good one to sooth the mind before turning in.  Or perhaps a playlist for some meditation or a workout could be different to your usual party playlist.

7. Learn a new language (maybe Auslan – sign language)

Did you know that being bilingual makes you a better multitasker?  It’s true!  Learning a new language helps with the development of neural pathways and cognitive processes and encourages cultural appreciation and creativity.  It also is responsible for improving your memory, and who can’t do with a better memory?

8. Rainbow-tise your bookshelf! Sort your books by colour

For those among us who love colour coding, this is for you!  Plainly and simply, this is just fun because firstly, you might enjoy organising things, and this gives you something to do.  You like the look of it, and it might make it easier for you to find your books if you’re a visual person. Let’s face it, this probably does favour style over substance, but hey!  Why not!

9. Sell unwanted stuff on Gumtree – Take photos and create an ad

This is a good way for you to declutter your home and put a little money back into the coffers at the same time.  Almost anything can be sold online these days, so why not start a little project at home like re-decorating your bedroom and try to fund it by getting rid of some old stuff! 

10. Create a time capsule to be opened in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years

This is a fun activity to do with the kids and is a fun way of letting them (and you) express yourselves.  It gives you a chance to put something in there that is important to you right now and reflect back on it in 10 or even 20 years’ time.

We hope you have some fun and do some of these activities or even set yourself a challenge to do all 10 activities! Either way, have some fun and stay cool!

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